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Asia-Pacific Early Christian Studies Society 10th Annual Conference  "Survival of Early Christian Traditions"
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Do not take a taxi from the airport. They are extraordinarily expensive at the airports. It is better to ask your hotel for a transfer from the airport (the hotel representative can meet you). Another option is to travel by public transport with our student if you tell the organizers about it in advance.

The address of the University of Aerospace Instrumentation (ГУАП in Russian) is the following: 67 Bolshaya Morskaia Street. The entrance is from the river side, in the middle of the facade. You can see it on the conference web-site, although the building is currently under construction:

You need to have your passport to get into the University. There will be students at the entrance to meet you. The way inside is the following: there is a staircase right near the entrance. Go up to the top floor, then turn left and go along a very long corridor with many photos on the walls. After this corridor you will see a registration place and room 53-01. Room 53-03 is nearby. We will add signs and arrows on the walls.

Xenia Mitrenina will collect registration fee (25 euro or 1800 roubles or 30 US dollars) and conference dinner payment (40 euro or 2700 roubles) during the registration (Friday morning). You can pay in Russian roubles or in euro.

If you (and any travel companion) are going to attend the conference dinner please pay 40 euro (in euro or in Russian roubles) to Xeina (Olga) Mitrenina during the registration (Friday morning). It will be a Georgian cuisine that is really delicious. As you know, Georgia became a Christian country in the 4th century and it is a very traditional country. Their language and their cuisine has not changed much since ancient times.
The conference dinner will take place in a rather unusual place (4, Masterskaya Street; it is 5 minutes from Premiere hotel, turn left from the hotel, pass two blocks and turn right). It is not an open restaurant so there is no restaurant sign outside. Let is meet at 19:00 near the entrance. If you are late then knock at a glass door at the middle of the building or call Xenia on +7 921 745-0151.

Here is a map of cafes, restaurants and fast food around the university. Many of them have so-called “business lunches” that is fast and not expensive. In Russian their name is the same: “business lunch”.

It is better to pay in cash. If you pay by your foreign credit-card, it will cost more because of the rates and transfer charges.

There are toilets near the wardrobe at the entrance in the University on the first floor. Just pass the staircase on the first floor and go ahead to the corridor. You will see the wardrobe to the right and toilets to the left. Besides there is an additional ladies’ toilet near the registration place (it is at the end of that corridor with many photos, the door is on the right wall if you move towards the registration). As for additional men’s toilet, it is difficult to find it and not to get lost forever in the corridors. It is better to use the toiler near the wardrobe on the first floor.

We recommend you always to have your passport with you when you are in Russia. Just keep it in a safe place inside your jacket (like in any tourist place there are some pickpockets in the city).
There are a lot of places of interest around the university, including religious ones. A good way to go is along the embankment of the Neva River (the main river of St Petersburg) and turn right. The embankment is very beautiful. You will find a small park with the famous monument to Peter the Great and St Isaac's Cathedral behind it. There is a wonderful observation deck on top of the cathedral (no elevator). If you keep on going you will come to the Hermitage and Palace Square, with lots of nice places around them. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to walk from the university to the Hermitage.

Another good was is to go from hotel Premiere to a beautiful St. Nickolas Cathidral that was not closed in Soviet times and there are still services there. You need to turn right from the hotel Premiere, and you will see a canal soon. Turn right and go along the canal for 5 minutes. You will see a small park and a big blue church in the middle. There are actually two churches on two floors of this building. It closes at about 8 p.m.

Should you have any question or problem please do not hesitate to call Xenia Mitrenina: +7 921 745-0151. You can buy a Russian SIM-card for your telephone in the airport, it will cost about 3 dollars (ask the person who meets you to help you). If you call from your foreign number it will cost a lot.

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